Gentle Giant Star Wars The Emperor Mini-Bust Review

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Manufacturer: Gentle Giant
Date: 2012
Edition: 840/1200

This bust was an impulse purchase. Gentle Giant never just sends out emails saying “guess what this is new and in stock right now!” so when I saw that I jumped and picked him up without thinking of the consequences. The main consequence was – ummmm where am I going to display him?

The bust is another heavy bust where because the figure is cloaked he doesn’t come on a pedestal. Result he’s heavy. The statue overall has a nice likeness to The Emperor, the artists did a nice job of getting his scary, power-hungry expression down. He comes complete with cane and fingers ready to shoot out Force lightning.

My flash tends to wash out the paint job and makes him look flat but the paint is nicer in person than it looks when photographed.

Overall another winner for a bust!


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