Mara Jade Celebration VI Maquette & Aayla Secura Gentle Giant Mini-Bust Reviews

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This week 2 items that I’d ordered arrived the Limited edition Mara Jade 6″ statue from Celebration VI and Gentle Giant’s Aayla Secura mini-bust!

These 2 Jedi ladies are awesome additions to my collection. First up Aayla. If you’ve perused my blog you’ll know that I love Gentle Giant’s busts. They put such amazing care and love into the design of their characters. The animal leather print on her top is even ridged to give that extra level of detail and texture. I like that she’s posed w/ her lightsaber behind her head it makes her better for displaying without her lightsaber taking up extra space. The face and her Twi’lek tenticals are nice. I really could’ve done w/o the slight plumbers crack at the top of her pants, but other than that she’s beautifully made.

Next Up Mara. Apparently this maquette was made for Celebration VI, there’s no manufacturers mark on it other than stating that she was made for the Con. There were only 300 of them made so I snagged one on ebay before Celebration was even over knowing that her prices would just skyrocket once it was over due to her limited availability.

It’s nice seeing Expanded Universe characters who aren’t bad guys getting some spotlight. The statue is pretty cool, she actually comes w/ 2 different right arms. You can either have her holding a blaster to go w/ her lightsaber or she’s just holding out an empty hand. I like that she’s wearing a blue jumpsuit so she doesn’t look like every Mara out there who’s in black leather. The outfit is still skin-tight but that’s ok. She’s got nice detailing all over the costume from metal on her kneepads to the swing of her holster on her hip. About the only thing that bugs me are the white wisp things on the ground – I can’t figure out what they’re supposed to be and they’re kind of distracting.


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