Shmi Skywalker Custom 1/6 Scale 12″ Figure Doll

Well here’s my latest project from Morgan at Stardust dolls – it’s a 12″ figure who I knew would NEVER be made but who I always wanted in this scale, it’s Shmi!

Shmi’s head is a B24-19 1/6 Dr.Figures US 101st Airborne – Head Sculpt – yeah whatever that means. I don’t know what body originally came with her, the one I had works Ok except her head wobbles and if she’s jostled around too much it falls off. But oh well, the combo works for display purposes. Her neck does look really long also – until I can figure out what her real body should be, this will have to do.

When I first saw the head I thought of Leia – it looks A LOT like Carrie. But the problem was that the hair was short and she looked a bit older. I finally realized that she’d be perfect for Shmi. Morgan was thrilled at the idea of making the costume for her.

Morgan did a great job w/ getting the coloring and shape of the costume right. She even aged the skirt a bit to make it look worn. I sent her the bead that was used for the purse, she’s wearing a pair of Hasbro Luke Skywalker A New Hope boots. I think she looks great w/ the other dolls!

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