Darth Vader 2012 Wilton Industries Cake Pan

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  • Company: Wilton Industries
  • Year: 2012
  • Dimensions: 11 1/2H x 10 1/2W x 2 1/4 Deep

I recently found out that this got released and had to check at my local Michaels to see if they had one. Lo and behold – they did! I was excited, I don’t have any of the vintage cake pans and really wanted one. Not only will it make cool cakes (hello… May the Fourth celebrations anyone?) but it also has a nice hook at the top so you can display it on the wall as artwork!

The pan has nice ridges to give you some depth in Vader’s helmet, so if you are not artistically inclined, you won’t have to try to ice out the lines on his face. If you’re lucky and can score one (which I did, but the only one left was ripped – boo!) you can get the paper insert that gives you advice on how to ice it so that you can still see the cake design. The pan is relatively small if you wanted to use it for a large party, so you might want to have the cake designed to fit on top of a sheet cake, or make 2 of them.  I think that I paid $15.99 for it, considering the vintage pans can sell upwards of $100 – that’s not a bad price to pick one up now! Happy shopping and May the Frosting be with You!


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