Padme Amidala Triad Toys Evolution “Eva” 1/6 Scale Action Figure

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I did some reading online and found that along with my Triad Toys Evolution “Evo” figure the company produced a female “Eva” figure who was sculpted to look like Natalie Portman. I was intrigued, then irritated because I couldn’t find one anywhere online. I finally scored one on ebay and here are my thoughts on the figure. (She’s pictured above with the “Evo” male doll.)

Triad Toys figures look amazing if you’re staring at them inside their packaging. Their bodies are nicely formed, everything is proportioned properly. Then take them out and their bodies wobble. Their hands and feet fall off and they’re rather difficult to keep posed in the position that you want them to stay in. I have two of the Evo male figures – both are wearing big boots that don’t have feet in them because their feet simply will not stay on to allow you to shove them into boots. Instead, I have to fill the boots with cotton in order to keep them standing upright.

I decided I wouldn’t bother with the Eva doll with trying to worry about boots and picked up a pair of sandals for her. The sandals are designed for Cy Girls, etc and are almost too small because her feet are enormous.  Her hands came as wide open, closed fist, or both wanting to shoot guns. No relaxed hands to be seen, so she’s got wide open hands that I guess are ready for her to sit at a computer and type.

Like the Evo doll, Eva’s body wobbles, but it’s not as bad. I put her into the Hasbro handmaiden outfit because it’s a nice way to hide her screen inaccurate hair and the skirt hides her terribly unladylike wide standing stance.

The true saving grace on the figure is her face. She looks like Natalie Portman. My only real concern is that her face is a little long and pinched which doesn’t make her look right for wearing gowns from Revenge of the Sith and her expression is a little harsh for wearing an Attack of the Clones gown (unless it were to be the gown from the cut Senate scene where she’s pretty ticked off at the Senate.)

Unless I can score another one cheap, I’m not going to bother getting another of these figures. Although she does look nice and is worlds better looking than the Sideshow Illum Padme, the figure just isn’t friendly for posing or feminine. I’d rather put together another doll using the Headplay sculpt.

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