Custom 12″ Padme Amidala wearing Attack of the Clones Meadow Gown

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  • Head Sculpt: Head Play
  • Body: Hot Toys Alice Resident Evil
  • Dress: Stardust Dolls

This week my custom 12″ scale Yellow Meadow Gown from Stardust Dolls arrived! I’m completely thrilled with the craftmanship that went into the dress. It’s comprised of 2 parts, an under dress, and a corset/bodice that snaps in the back.

The gown was made using a lovely fabric that even has sparkly circles on it, just like the original gown. Stardust dolls also embroidered the front of the bodice. It came with the ribbons on her arms sewn into the arms so they wouldn’t get lost and the shawl is also attached. Overall – it’s just beautiful and I’m thrilled to FINALLY have a Padme on display on my Attack of the Clones shelf who’s wearing a pretty gown! (Hair goodies will be coming soon – I just need to work on them.)








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