Gentle Giant Logray The Medicine Man Ewok Mini-Bust Review

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This week Gentle Giant’s Logray Mini-bust finally arrived in stock and I was excited when my pre-order got filled!

Today he arrived 493/1400. As usual Gentle Giant surpasses expectations. Our favorite warrior Medicine Man fur-ball is BEAUTIFULLY detailed! Just like the Wicket bust the artist took immense care to carefully showcase his rich fur, his eyes are dark, yet glossy and sparkly, and his hands look just like the costumes from the film complete w/ dark fingernails. Even his lips, nose, and inside of his ears got special attention with some shadowing; each area has a special shine that makes them look glossy and wet.

He comes with a staff that partially requires assembly and attached headdress and bag. Each part of him is beautifully crafted. I just displayed him next to Wicket and as hoped, he stands quite a bit taller than our other favorite tiny ewok warrior. I truly hope that we get even more ewoks, I’d love to have a special pack with a mother and a basket of ewoklings!

If you’re an ewok fan, don’t let this beauty pass you up, his edition size isn’t very large and he’ll likely get snatched up pretty quick!


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