Custom 1/6 Scale Padme Amidala “Queen’s Decoy” 12″ Figure

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Head: Headplay
Body: Hot Toy’s Resident Evil Alice
Outfit: Hasbro

The pieces for my third (and maybe final) custom Padme arrived. I’m probably going to end up redressing her in something else down the road, but decided to see what my custom Padme would look like wearing one of Hasbros playline outfits. I decided on the orange decoy outfit because the hood would hide her screen-incorrect hair. I had to spend a good amount of time gently removing the stitching around the face that Hasbro had sewn into the hood, but once I got it out, I like how the outfit looks on my Padme!

I actually like this so much that this might prompt me to go get another doll to make so I can keep her in this outfit. The Hasbro outfit doesn’t fit super well on the Hottoys body, her soft body skin and wider hips & rear made it rather hard to pull the dress up and on. And from the back the velcro doesn’t perfectly close, BUT the front view is what matters and even though the poly fabric is rather cheap (outfit was from a playline doll) I think it looks great on her! With the more serious expression of the Headplay Natalie Portman headmold, I think that she looks very screen accurate – well certainly more than the freaky face mask thing that Hasbro made.


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