Star Wars Comic Graphic Bowling Bag Purse by Rock Rebel

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Girly Star Wars collectible alert! OMG when I was at WonderCon I saw a girl walking around with one of these that had a vintage A New Hope poster art on it and I began drooling. I did find the bags at the Science exhibit and squealed with delight! They had 3 different styles – one has Darth Vader w/ sparkly red glitter, the other has the vintage ANH poster and sparkly hot pink glitter, and the third is the one I picked up although it was available wit pink or turquoise sparkle. I believe the Darth was available without glitter and was lined black instead.

The hand bags are about 11 x 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 in size. They’re soft, yet shiny vinyl. Inside they have a small side pouch and are lined with black and white striped fabric. I love the bag that I selected – it’s graphic, fun, and quirky! Pop art Star Wars style! If I had one complaint, I wish it had a shoulder strap, but oh well. Three cheers for collectibles made JUST for girls!


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