Custom 1/6 Scale Figures: Star Wars Expanded Universe: Anakin Solo, Jacen Solo, and Jaina Solo

[image] Star Wars Expanded Universe: Anakin Solo, Jacen Solo, and Jaina Solo Custom 1/6 Scale Figures

So today a new figure base showed up today that I was eagerly awaiting. I got my Evolution Caucasian male from Triad Toys. He’s designed for customizing. I immediately was drawn to his head sculpt – I thought that he would be perfect for being Anakin Solo for my Expanded Universe display where I base the characters on how they look from my own EU fanfics.

Anywhoo – my Anakin Solo is hugely tall and upon looking at the listings for these, the male figure is about 13″ as opposed to 12″ that all other 1/6 scales are set at.

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]

When he arrived I found myself struggling to decide what to do with him, because I actually think that he looks a hell of a lot like Hayden Christensen and would make a GREAT Anakin from Ep 2, particularly with him being a bit taller than Obi-Wan. I still might do that with him if I can get my hands on another Anakin outfit to test out on him, but until then, he’s going to stay as the youngest Solo brother.

Triad Toys Figure Review:

Head Sculpt: I really like the sculpt on this figure, in fact the sculpt looks better in person than it does in the photos. I probably will end up just getting another one to do up as Anakin from AOTC, because the sculpt is so nicely done.

Body: His body is fully articulated, but it’s wobbly. The joints on it aren’t as tight as others (Hot Toys or Sideshow) but it does looks nice once the figure is clothed. One of his lower arms also snapped apart at the elbow, it snaps back together so it’s not like it’s 100% broken, but I have to be careful with him now.

It comes with an additional breast plate that you can swap out to change his chest’s appearance – I didn’t bother with that.

Feet/Hands: The figure comes w/ 3 sets of hands – open, closed fist, and trigger ready. He has one pair of feet. This guy’s hands are near impossible to get on and off w/o worrying about snapping the wrist connectors. The ball to go into the hands to keep them on is really large and is very hard to fit into the plastic hands which are not pliable. I had to put the figure on a heating pad to warm up his hands to get them off and even after heating the extra hands, I couldn’t get them to go onto his wrist knobs. I gave up and pulled out a pair of Hot Toy hands that I had and put them on. Hot Toys uses soft vinyl that easily snaps onto anything. So now his hands don’t match colorwise, but I don’t really care.

For feet, when I tried to stick them into the boots, they snapped right off, so he’s standing upright with no feet on his body.

Verdict: I love the head sculpt and height for this figure – if I pick up another to be Anakin Skywalker I’ll just leave his open hands as-is. Luckily at $40 it’s not too expensive.

Jacen Solo

[image] [image] [image] [image]

So in my whirlwind attempt to get my Smallville Clark Kent figure properly created I ended up with an extra Hot Toy’s “muscular” True-type body and a head that is sculpted that looks rather like Taylor Kitsche (sp?) I put them together and bammo I have an extra Hot Toys figure for customizing! Woohoo! Only problem – I really didn’t need a Gambit figure, nor do I want a whoever from Mars figure – so after holding his face close to my Han Solos and seeing enough of a resemblance, I decided that he could become my Jacen Solo.


Hot Toys is currently the most brilliant 1/6″ toy figure line on the market today. Out of Japan, they have the most amazing sculptors in the toy industry. Case in point – the Taylor head that I have there came on their standard, nude body that they sold specifically for customizers. His face mold is so alike Taylors that it’s amazing that it’s not licensed. Even their cheap bodies are beautifully sculpted. Just because the bodies aren’t expensive doesn’t mean that Hot Toys did away with quality. Their True Types are HEAVY and when you move their arms around and pose them, you know without a doubt that they’re not going to snap or break on you.

I do like that with Jacen’s sculpt being so detailed, he actually does look older than Anakin.

Jaina Solo

[image] [image] [image] [image]

I went through female hell these past 2 months. My main goal was to find a girl who would work as Erica Durance’s Lois Lane for Smallville and yet nothing that I picked up even slightly resembled her. So I gave up.

Instead I saw this pretty Takara head and thought that she looked rather sassy and would work as Jaina. Her features are a little bit anime for my taste, but eventually if I feel like it I can repaint her. As it is, she works for my purposes.

Head, body, and jumpsuit I got all from Mini-Barbie on ebay. If you’re ever thinking of doing a girl figure for yourself, ALWAYS look for the smaller breast bodies. I saw one of those quadruple D type bodies in person and they are truly ridiculous and unnatural. Actually, I think I got her body from another dealer. It’s plastic and articulated, if you go hunting for “1/6 figure small breast” it’ll come up.

There are other companies that are now making “seamless bodies” for females. One such company is Phicen Limited. I can tell you this – they’re pretty and they look nice in photos and they’re lovely in person, but they SUCK. I forked over good money for one of the females because I liked the head mold. The necks are too short on them and the heads are too small. I got mine and upon trying to get her arm to bend at the elbow “CRACK” yep – I broke it right in half. Her other arm? Still completely frozen and unmoving. I think that there’s a reason that their own site shows them mostly with their arms straight. The soft flesh also is REALLY hard to get clothes onto. So…stick with Hot Toys or plastic bodies while the toy companies work the kinks out.

Here’s my trio together:

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]


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