Custom Mara Jade Skywalker 1/6 Scale Action Figure

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Maker: Unknown
Figure: Jakks Pacific Dolls

So I love ebay because you can find stuff there that you can’t find anywhere else. In this instance I came across an auction for a 1/6 scale custom Mara Jade figure. The photo was rather dark and I couldn’t tell a lot about it other than the costume looked nicely done and she wasn’t overly expensive so I picked her up.

From the photo I couldn’t tell anything about the doll that was used, I figured it was a Cy Girl or something of the sort. When I got her I was delighted to see that she was a Jakks Pacific fashion doll. These dolls were made sometime around 2000 and are best known for being used to make dolls for the movie “Charlie’s Angels.” The dolls are gorgeous! They have very solid, heavy, life-like looking bodies that are soft to the touch. The sculpting on them is beautiful. They aren’t overly posable – their arms are straight and can only be moved out to the sides as well as up and down and around, but they look womanly and not unnatural like Barbies often do with their proportions.

I’m not sure what doll was used to make my Mara, but she’s got pretty 2 tone red hair which upon close examination I fully believe was factory done and not a reroot. I am guessing they cut her hair though so it’s styled into a mid-length layered bob.

Her outfit is well done, my gut tells me that it’s a factory outfit looking at the seams and her boots have ridges on their bottoms that are factory made for a figure that was slightly smaller than the Jakks’ body style. I think that the other components – the belt, holster, and scarf are all hand made additions. She came with goggles, a Han Solo style blaster, and a lightsaber hilt.

Overall the doll looks great. My only concern is that her head seems rather precariously set up inside her head, I haven’t examined these dolls in a while so I don’t remember if this is normal or not, until I find out her hair will remain a bit “wind blown” looking so I don’t risk brushing it and having her head break off. Other than that – I can’t wait to add her to my Expanded Universe doll display – whenever I find them again.


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