Padme Skywalker “Mustafar” Custom 1/6 Scale Figure

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Head: By HeadPlay
Body: Hot Toys – Resident Evil Alice
Boots: Currently Hasbro, I have more feminine ones on the way.
Outfit: Stardust Dolls.

This Padme was made using a Natalie Portman “Black Swan” head sculpt by HeadPlay (you can find them on Ebay.)

I went through 2 plastic bodies, the first one the head didn’t fit the knob, second the arm broke off once I got her dressed – and the head didn’t stay put. Finally I said screw it and headed to my local toy shop Toy Anxiety and asked for help. They came to me with 2 choices, one was a soft body that had bazonga boobs, the other was the Hot Toys Resident Evil Alice body mold – I went for the latter. They took the time to work to get the head to work, I got some hands and feet and brought her home.

Outfit I recently scored on ebay, as mentioned I have other boots coming, although Luke’s don’t look too bad, without a stand they help her to stay vertical.

Really it’s quite shameful that Hasbro or Sideshow can’t get a 1/6 scale head sculpted correctly – all that you have to do is look at this amazing head mold to see that it’s possible. Not only does my new Padme NOT have freaky bug eyes (I’m looking at you Sideshow Snowbunny Padme) or monsterously large noggins (Hasbro – really?) but she’s got very soft makeup, perfect cheek bone structure – she’s just perfect. AND the vinyl is soft and actually flesh toned.

If you want to do one of these yourself – Hot Toys bodies are the best, they’re not cheap though, BUT you get what you pay for, her body has actual substance to it. Nice thing is the Alice body barely has boobs so any outfits that were initially designed for Barbie go on her without a problem. The Alice body’s skin-tone is a little grayer than Padme’s head, but it’s not overly noticeable.

The one fallback is that she has a twisted inward bun thing for hair, so this mold would work best looking straight ahead wearing this particular outfit or maybe her white AOTC outfit. If you want her wearing anything else, you’re going to have to wig her up.

As it is, I’m thrilled to finally have a 1/6th scale Padme who LOOKS like Natalie Portman and who looks AMAZING with my Medicom ROTS Anakin Skywalker.


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