Gentle Giant Snowbunny Padme PGM 2010 Holiday Mini-Bust Review

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Manufacturer: Gentle Giant
Details:Mini-Bust, 2010, Premium Guild Exclusive, #799/800

Well this lovely was one of my few Holy Grails that I desperately wanted to get my hands on…and it was so worth picking her up! Gentle Giant did everything RIGHT that Sideshow did wrong with their snowbunny Padme.

The more I looked over this beauty the more angrier I got that Gentle Giant (and Sideshow for that matter) haven’t worked on making more Padme items.

A) She’s got the most amazing set of costumes of any character in the entire saga – including Leia

B) She’s not a boring character and interacted with most every  major character in the prequels.

C) She’s Luke & Leia’s mother for Pete’s sake!

There are plenty of costumes that they can select if they didn’t want to jump in and try to sculpt out her intricate dresses: Her Naboo pilot outfit (AOTC,) Naboo white outfit battle torn (they haven’t done that yet – shockingly,) Peasant gear (TPM,) Fireplace scene (AOTC,)…the list can go on and on. I’m guessing the reason is that her busts don’t sell very well. They’ve had her mini-Theed Red gear bust on sale for $9.99 recently on their own site. If they did them as Con exclusives, or made more as PGM exclusives, they could get away w/ tiny edition sizes of her busts.

But I digress. The Holiday Padme is just lovely. About the only thing that I can say bad about it is that they forgot her beauty mark. The face sculpt is great, love the costume, unlike SS that used flimsy looking “fur” they glued nice fluffy fur around her cape to give her a very soft look. Her hair is just lovely and sadly other than the Tonner Amidala set & the Braids TPM doll – it’s one of the only times that we’ve gotten a Padme with long flowing hair.

This beauty is very difficult to find at a good price on the secondary market because they are so rare – but if you can afford it, it’s worth every penny.


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One Response to Gentle Giant Snowbunny Padme PGM 2010 Holiday Mini-Bust Review

  1. lazypadawan says:

    I got mine from Gentle Giant. I joined their premium membership thing just to get it and fought like heck via e-mail to get one. It was worth it. One of my fave items. I fell in love the second I saw it on display at Comic Con 2010.

    Now they need to make a matching Anakin ;).

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