Star Wars Hot Chocolate Mug Gift Set by Galerie

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Apparently KMart had some spiffy gift sets that didn’t show up at Target. This lovely gift set came with 4 mugs and 2 packages of hot cocoa. (Cocoa got removed so that I could check out the mugs.) Mug giftset is by Galerie dated 2011.

Each mug has graphics all of the way around it. The graphics are from the original trilogy and look pretty awesome. My gut is telling me they’re based on some Dave Dorman comic Artwork. Mug #1 has Luke Skywalker battling Darth Vader. Each character squarely takes up one side of the mug and the other is on the opposite side. Mug #2 is Han Solo Vs. Boba Fett.

The graphics are bright and vibrant while still looking vintage. Mugs are microwave/dishwasher safe…uh huh, like they’re actually going to be USED. These are awesome mugs and are great for any collection!


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