New Sideshow Purchases! Jabba’s Palace Archway & 1/6 Ralph McQuarrie Christmas Santa Claus Yoda

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So I’ve slowed down with my Star Wars collecting, but I have picked up a couple of goodies from Sideshow. I scored the 1/6th scale Jabba’s Palace arch & 1/6th scale Ralph McQuarrie Santa Claus Yoda figure.

Both are pretty nice. The arch is HUGE and HEAVY. I’m going to end up having to move it because it’s currently taking up too much space on my display shelves. If you want it, you need to have a nice large space for it.

Yoda is nicely detailed – although I’m not sure why they didn’t spring to put an undershirt on him. I also feel like the velcro on his robe was a cheap way out for putting it together. Hello…it’s Sideshow, spend an extra 10 cents and put on hook and eyes or snaps. The Box that Yoda came in was great – it’s covered in cool Xmas Star Wars graphics. I really liked that they used foam that was cut out to fit him to package him into. I didn’t have to worry about pieces flying and breaking trying to get them out of SS’s usual plastic prisons.


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