Star Wars Special Edition Stein for Avon 1998 – Review

Manufactured by: CUI Inc.
Distributed by: Avon
Year Produced: 1998

I love the large batches of steins that came out in the late ’90s. They have kickass cool sculpting on them with lovely photo art as the main feature. For this stein it showcases the gorgeous 20th anniversary STAR WARS A NEW HOPE poster created by legendary poster artist Drew Struzan.

Other cool features on the stein include Luke and Darth Vader Dueling on either side of the poster.  The handle looks like the hilt of a lightsaber, the base looks like lights from inside the Death Star and the pewter lid has a Rebel Alliance insignia on it with a flashing lightsaber on the press down tab.

The Stein is large and has nice heft to it. Overall quality is a 5/5. I’ve got no problems with it whatsoever. It’s a lovely sculpted mug.


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