Gamorrean Guard 12″ Scale Figure by Hasbro – Review

Manufacturer: Hasbro
Accessories: Costume, Axe.

Ratings: (Scale 0-5)

  • Displayability: 5
  • Articulation: 3
  • Assembly Ease: 4
  • Character Likeness: 3.5
  • Overall Quality: 3.875

Hasbro was the first toy company to produce a 12″ scale Gamorrean Guard figure. I have to say that trying to compare it to the Sideshow version are apples to oranges. The Hasbro Guard is rather comical looking. He’s hulking and broader through the shoulders than the Sideshow version. His head is also massively huge. Even though he’s not, he looks shorter than the Sideshow Guard.

Because they are so different you have to look at the Hasbro figure for his own merits. I love his fur skirt, compared to the Sideshow version, Hasbro used long faux hair so it looks more wild, whereas the SS Guard’s skirt looks trimmed and tidy. Hasbro GG really has that hulking thing down also. I don’t overly know why but he’s got an Orc quality to him.

I like having the 2 different Gamorreans for my collection. The Sideshow version is much more screen accurate, but the Hasbro one is pure, toy fun.


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