This week’s STAR WARS Purchases

This week the post man brought me a variety of goodies that I won on ebay.

First up is Gentle Giant Obi-Wan Kenobi Attack of the Clones mini-bust. I’m working on slowly getting this whole line. Attack of the Clones has a special place in my heart and it rather depresses me that it and The Phantom Menace get forgotten when manufacturers come up with toys and collectibles. The armless batch were some of GG’s first busts, what I do like is that w/o the arms you do focus almost exclusively on the faces.

Next is a lovely STAR WARS A New Hope stein from 1998 that was made for Avon. It’s got one of my favorite posters on it.

Next is a Medicom VCD Jawa 1/4 scale Jawa. I got him for a reasonable price and have ot say, he is freaking adorable.

Also arrived my R2-D2 Kurt S. Adler Nutcracker. I’ve been eyeballing the Yoda crackers but decided that having an R2 in wood would be fun.

Finally – my Diamond Select 1/4 Scale Ultimate Luke Skywalker ROTJ Figure arrived. There are 2 remaining figures in this line – Darth Maul & the Emperor, both of whom I’ll probably pass on getting. Had they made a Padawan Obi-Wan or a Qui-Gon I would’ve gone for Maul, but as-is I’ve got no one to display him with. The Emperor? He’s just too ugly to own something that big that looks like him.



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2 Responses to This week’s STAR WARS Purchases

  1. lazypadawan says:

    I have the whole AOTC trifecta thanks to eBay at the time. I even got the shiny Jango exclusive from MBNA when I opened my Star Wars credit card account some years back.

  2. erikab1123 says:

    I think that the Zam bust is beautiful. I also really like screaming Mace. I’ll eventually get all of them – I’m patient. I just wait until the right low-priced auction comes my way 🙂

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