Luke Skywalker Ultimate Quarter (1/4) Scale Figure by Diamond Select – Review

Manufacturer: Diamond Select Toys
Date of Manufacture: 2009
Height: 19″
Accessories: Jedi Robe, Jedi outfit, belt, boots, 4 interchanging hands, and bone/club.

Ratings: (Scale 0-5)

  • Displayability: 5
  • Articulation: 4
  • Assembly Ease: 5
  • Character Likeness: 4
  • Overall Quality: 4.5

Unless I can pick the remaining 2 figures up for a song, Luke will be the last of the Ultimate Quarter Scale figures that I’ll be purchasing.

Costume quality – Luke by far has the nicest Jedi robe of any of my figures. The fabric is a nice rough poly blend that nicely drapes around him. The robe is clasped together w/ an eye hook, and like the other Jedi, the hood has wire in it so that you can perfectly fold it around his face. This robe has an extra nice feature, it’s got shoulder pads which of course were all of the rage in the ’80s, but they help to give Luke some added height and bulk.

His costume is made of cotton and nicely showcases how the costume resembles the Jedi uniforms from the Old Republic w/ the longer tunic. Luke’s outfit has his signature grey fold over front lapel. Boots are shiny black and not aged.

Facial features – Humm, I’m not sure where I stand on this issue. Photos of the sculpts on these figures never do the actual figures justice. Luke has nice coloring for his skin tone, unlike Anakin who’s really pale, Luke is nice and healthy looking. I’d actually say that his face sculpt looks a bit more like Luke from the EU books than from Return of the Jedi. He’s a little on the old side, but it still resembles Mark Hamill. His hair is wonderfully sculpted though. They must’ve used 4 different colors of paint to give it life and depth. His eyes are blue and actually look nicer than the ANH’s Han Solo’s did.

Mine makes a lightsaber noise and says “You failed your highness, I’m a Jedi like my father before me.” Again, I assume he says more than that – I can just never get them to utter more of their expressions.

The hands provided aren’t the greatest for having Luke hold his lightsaber 2 handed. He didn’t come w/ a righty that’s ready to grip a lightsaber. His left hand, the grasp hole is a little too wide for the lightsaber to stay in one place super easily.

One final observation, this costume should’ve been completely lined. When I went to swap out his hands I noticed that he’s got some staining on his arms from the black fabric. I’m going to assume that he’s got those stains all over his body.

Overall – another nice figure. I just wish that they had made more of these and especially had attempted to tackle the female characters.


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2 Responses to Luke Skywalker Ultimate Quarter (1/4) Scale Figure by Diamond Select – Review

  1. Peyton Short says:

    there’s a swich on the side. I have about five of these figures, and if you lift up the clothing, you can see the swich . Flip it and you will hear more quotes. The Hoth Han Solo is spectacular, but I really want Darth Maul.

    • erikab1123 says:

      Oh thank you SO MUCH! I’ll go looking for that switch now!
      I don’t have Maul – he and the Emperor are the 2 that I have left to get. Even though I guess the Emperor would go well with Luke, I just don’t need that much ugly in my collection :)~

      Maul – if they’d made a Qui-Gon I would’ve snatched him up but since he’s got no one to display with I passed on him. He does look nice though.

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