New Arrivals Diamond Select Ben Kenobi 1/4 Scale & Hasbro Gamorrean Guard 12″ Scale Figures

Today 2 figures that I’ve been waiting on arrived.

First up was Hasbro 12″ scale Gamorrean Guard. After I picked up the Sideshow version I was curious over the difference so I decided to pick the original up. I have to completely rearrange one of my Jabba’s palace shelves to get my Sideshow Guard, but I’ll photograph them side by side for a comparison. First impressions, the Hasbro version is squattier and a bit more cartoonish. I like his shiny armor.

Next is my Ultimate Quarter Scale Ben Kenobi ANH figure. He’s quite nice. After getting both Mace, Anakin, and his younger ROTS version I wanted all of the Jedi that Diamond created. Looking at him, I desperately wish that they’d made a Qui-Gon 😦

Reviews coming later.


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