Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) Rumph! California Originals Stoneware Tankard 1977 – Review
Ratings: (Scale 0-5)

  • Displayability: 5
  • Articulation: NA
  • Assembly Ease: NA
  • Character Likeness: 5
  • Overall Quality: 5

As a collector, there’s always something out there that you’ve had your eye on, you long for, but usually it’s just out of your price range when you’re out looking, or perhaps something shinier catches your eye instead. For me – the Rumph! California Original stoneware mugs are those items for me. For years I’ve seen these in antique stores, at collectibles shows, and online and they always seemed just out of reach. Finally – I got my first of the three – Obi-Wan Kenobi.

These tankards are HEAVY and their quality is amazing. They stand at 7″ tall. What I love so much about these mugs is that they have character and they represent their era. I come from California originally and these mugs remind me so much of the pottery that came out of the little funky shops run by ex-hippies where I grew up. However, this is worlds cooler.

The carving of Ben’s face is breathtaking. I love his deep set eyes and a lot of care went into his beard and mustache to give the hair depth and life.

The mug also has extra painting on it that gives the tankard a look of some age. The best thing though is all of the text on the piece. The back of the tankard reads “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU” and the bottom has STAR WARS – 1977 20th Century Fox Film Corp. Plus it’s company logo. There are some cute stars also etched into the bottom. Why is this so cool? It shows that this was indeed one of the very first STAR WARS collectibles that were produced because it did not have the Lucasfilm logo or name anywhere on it. This was true for the first round of Kenner figures as well. I like the lettering on the piece, even though they’re block letters they feel very 70’s to me.

There are 2 other mugs out there – Darth Vader and Chewbacca, I hope to get them soon!


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  1. christina goggin says:

    i have a chwebacca tankard in mint condition no chips cracks or crazzing with tag still attached i am looking to sell at a reasonable price if you wouldlike more info email me at

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