Han Solo Mos Eisley Confrontation Ultimate 1/4 Scale Figure by Diamond Select – Review


Produced By: Diamond Select Toys
Production Year: 2010
Figure Stats: 19″ Tall, Fully clothed, comes with Blaster, Ceremony medal, and extra gun shooting hand. Electronic – speaks phrases from film (although mine seems to only say one thing.)

Ratings: (Scale 0-5)

  • Displayability: 5
  • Articulation: 4
  • Assembly Ease: 5
  • Character Likeness: 4.5
  • Overall Quality: 4.625

“A New Hope” Han Solo was the last of the Ultimate 1/4 Scale figures that Diamond Select created. He’s also the hardest to find. Currently he’s available at Diamond Select’s own website for the suggested retail price. If you’re interested in him, I suggest snatching him up quick (company link available on my blog’s sidebar.)

First things first – I don’t know what to do with these figures. I own 6 of them now and so far only Indy actually says more than one saying. Maybe they all need their batteries replaced, I don’t know, but currently my Han knows his identity “I’m Han Solo, captain of the Millenium Falcon.”

That aside, I just tried to move his knees to get him into a more exciting pose to photograph and they seemed locked and wouldn’t move. I had to really move his left arm around to get it so that he was resting his hand on his blaster’s hilt. On the plus side, w/o loose joints, the figures stay in whatever position you put them in, but if you can’t move them much, it makes for boring displays.

Looks wise, once again, nice face mold for Han Solo. Unfortunately, he’s got the exact same facial expression as my Hoth Han and my Indiana Jones so there’s not much variety there. His hair, however is sculpted differently than the other 2 figures and is “fluffier” if you will, to go along w/ his 70’s shag. His eyes are also blue, which is kind of odd.

His outfit is wonderful for it’s detail, he comes w/ shirt, vest, pants, boots, and 2 belts – one for keeping his pants up, the other is his gun holster that wraps around his left thigh.

I’m not quite sure why but he seems slightly dis-proportioned. Either his torso is too long or his legs aren’t long enough, but he looks oddly elongated – just ever so slightly. This doesn’t overly bother me, but it’s noticeable enough that it does catch my attention.

Overall – I do enjoy the figure, out of my 3 DS Ultimate figures he’s probably my 3rd favorite, even though I do prefer his hair the most out of the 3. I’m mostly bummed that Diamond killed the line before they made a Luke Skywalker (ANH) for him to hang out with. I’ve got an Old Ben on the way, but considering they didn’t spend a lot of screen time together, they’ll make for an odd display. Oh well. Maybe at some point I’ll have to break down and get myself a Sideshow Leia 1/4 scale figure to display alongside him.


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  1. nope says:

    I thought my raiders indy said only one thing too, but there is a switch on the side of the figure that changes from display mode (1 phrase) to normal mode (all phrases)

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