STAR WARS Wicket 1/6 Scale Medicom Figure – Review

Produced By: Medicom Toys
Distributed by: Sideshow Toys
Production Year: 2008

Ratings: (Scale 0-5)

  • Displayability: 5
  • Articulation: 2
  • Assembly Ease: N/A
  • Character Likeness: 4.5
  • Overall Quality: 3.83

Yub! Yub! Wicket was another figure that I couldn’t decide if I wanted to pick him up or not. I had the Hasbro version who I always thought was cute and didn’t think that I needed another Wicket of the same size. Finally I found one online for a reasonable price and after getting my Medicom Luke, I decided to give him a go.

Comparing the 2 figures is interesting – particularly when you do this:

The result – the Medicom Wicket much more accurately resembles Wicket from the movie than the Hasbro version. Medicom/Wicket has larger ears and his face is more squashed. You can also see his teeth and there’s more depth to his eyes. He’s also been sculpted to the extreme with high detail paid to fur and fingers and toes.

Medicom/Wicket’s spear is alo more detailed such that you can see wood grain and higher definition from his spear point. Medicom/Wicket’s head and arms move – but his legs, for the most part are stationary, even though they look like they should be able to move. At least Hasbro’s version can be positioned so that he’s sitting on a log, Medicom’s must always remain standing.

I do think that the lighter coloring on the Medicom Wicket is a bit too subtle also. Wicket rather stands out because he’s got cute doggy-type coloring w/ white on his face and tummy. The Medicom Wicket’s paint is only slightly lighter brown than the rest of him. One final complaint – they glued his hood onto the figure’s chest and back in a few places in order to keep the folds in position. In the long run this will suck because you know that that glue could wreck havoc on both the leather and the figure’s vinyl body.

Even though I have some issues with him – overall look of the figure – he’s a much more screen accurate representation of Wicket the Ewok than the Hasbro version.


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