Obi-Wan & General Grievous – Pepsi Twist Revenge of the Sith Ep III Sound Big Cap Sets – Review

Sculpted by Gentle Giant.
Production Year: 2005
Type: Pepsi Twist mail in items, only available in Japan.

Ratings: (Scale 0-5)

  • Displayability: 5
  • Articulation: N/A
  • Assembly Ease: N/A
  • Character Likeness: 5
  • Overall Quality: 5

I’ve been drooling for these caps ever since I saw them many years ago. Then when I stopped collecting, I forgot about them until recently some have appeared on ebay. I luckily got these for a great price and was sooo excited when they showed up.

Being a de-boxer it is driving me bananas trying to decide if I should remove these from their boxes or not. This particular set, I can easily display as-is, my other set, not so much. Eh – these 2 will probably stay in package.

Anywhoo – from what I can tell by trying to measure them from inside their packaging they stand around 6″ tall – that’s from base to top of head, so they’ll be a little shorter than regular Gentle Giant busts. Each caps plays sounds & dialog from their respective films. The typical Star Wars theme plays – Obi-Wan “has a bad feeling about this” and Grievous is delighted at the thought of adding Obi-Wan’s lightsaber to his collection. Each then have some lightsaber sounds that play. The speakers on the caps aren’t very loud. I don’t know if that’s because they’re small items, the batteries are old, or a combo of the two. But the same can be said for both sets that I own, so I’m guessing they’re just not super hi-amped speakers.

The Grievous bust is really cool. Out of the caps, he’s the loudest because his chest plate has open holes that allow the sound to come out a bit easier. He’s holding 2 lightsabers and has 2 arms. The detailing on his structure is nice. They put kind of a milky yellow transparent film to cover the inside of his body to cover up the sound wiring, where otherwise on his figure you’d see right through him.

Obi-Wan’s got his lightsaber up and is ready for battle. There’s nice detailing on his Jedi tunic – you can see ridges for fabric detail and nice detailing in his hair and beard. The thing that’s missing on these busts is the overly keen attention to detail that Gentle Giant usually applies to the paint on their busts. Usually cloaks, skin, hair all have layers of color applied to the busts to give them extra depth – these do not. The effect is that they end up looking exactly like what they are – vinyl rather than the tougher polystone used for the Mini-busts.

After collecting the small Pepsi Japanese caps these are just awesome to go along with those. These are their big brothers and look like the mini guys supersized. I’m sold – they’re awesome.


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