Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker 1/6 Scale Figure by Medicom – Review

Company: Medicom in Japan. Date Produced: 2004

Ratings: (Scale 0-5)

  • Displayability: 5
  • Articulation: 5
  • Assembly Ease: 4
  • Character Likeness: 5
  • Overall Quality: 4.75

Mark Hamill has always been somewhat problematic for sculptors to accurately capture his facial expressions when it comes to 12″ figures. Hasbro always had problems, I think other than the Hoth Lukes and the Rancor Pit Luke most of them were only so-so. Sideshow’s Luke faces are also hit or miss.

Originally when I saw pics of this Luke I wasn’t overly impressed w/ the sculpt, I thought it was bland. Seeing it in person, I was sooo, sooo WRONG. Medicom’s Luke Skywalker is the best facial representation that I’ve seen for Mark Hamill on this scale. They nicely captured the correct shape of his cheeks and cheekbones, he’s got a cleft in his chin and nice furrowed brows to give him a serious, yet not boring facial expression. His hair is sculpted well w/ some depth of the paint to attempt to give him some lighter high-lights on top. His best feature is his eyes. Sideshow has a problem when they produce their human figures in that their eyeballs get really beady and lose detail. Medicom Luke’s eyes nicely fill his eye sockets and are layered in detail.

From what I saw of his body when I put his pants back on the right way, you certainly wouldn’t ever want to display this guy in shorts because he’s hyper articulated, even his toes are articulated separately from the rest of his feet. He comes w/ 6 different hand and his lightsaber. He also comes w/ a stand.

My only complaints – his belt is plastic and utilizes the same closing technology as the vintage Kenner figures where they’ve got a plastic stick poking down and you’re supposed to fit it into a hole on the opposite side that you overlap them. They don’t fit. The only way I got his belt to stay on was to put a rubber band around his whole waist. The only other thing is that this cape doesn’t have any sort of closure on it so even though it does rest on his shoulders, it could easily fall off.

Those are really minor complaints. If I had any real complaint – it’s that this Luke is so beautiful, I’m now going to have to start tracking down more Medicom figures…my wallet is going to hate me.


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