Battle of Endor 12″ Scale Logray & Leektar Action Figures & Wicket 12″ Scale Figure By Hasbro – Review

Wicket W. Warrick 12″ Scale Action Figure & Battle for Endor 2 Pack Ewoks – Logray & Leektar.

Ratings: (Scale 0-5)

  • Displayability: 5
  • Articulation: 3
  • Assembly Ease: N/A
  • Character Likeness: 4
  • Overall Quality: 4

Each of the ewoks are built the same – they look like blow-up 3 3/4″ scale ewoks for articulation, meaning they’re hinged at the shoulders and waist. Logray & Leektar’s heads swivel also.


First we have Logray – the Ewok Medicine man/Shaman. Logray nicely resembles the ewok from the film w/ the added striped detailing on his fur. Figure has a matte finish to his coat so he’s not too shiny. Figure comes w/ an elaborate vinyl headpiece attached to his head. He also carries a medicine bag and comes w/ a rattle and staff. Logray also has some nice detailing in his other paint. His nails are a different color than his lips, finger color matches the area around his eyes.

Out of the two pack – I think he’s the nicest overall.


Leektar is a good looking ewok who really shines because of his accessories. His hood is vinyl like Lograys but is far more detailed. Not only do we get the detailing on the critter skull but the fold and stitches in his hood were meticulously sculpted for accuracy.

He’s one of the more pug nosed ewoks so his face is kind of squished up. His accessories are nice – he’s got a knife and tamborine…new war making strategy – distract them w/ a tamborine and then stick them with a knife!

My main concern/problem with this ewok is the shiny plastic that they used for his body. He’s so shiny that he rather looks like a dark chocolate Easter bunny, ready for you to take a bite out of. If you ignore the shine, he’s still pretty nice.

Wicket W. Warrick

Wicket was sold individually in the late 90s and IMO is still the nicest of the three ewoks. He came with an actual leather hood that was painted to provide age/patina. They even accentuated the stitches to make them look screen realistic.

Wicket was painted to give him his white tummy & marks on his face. He comes w/ his fierce spear that he used to threaten Princess Leia with. He’s got really nice dirt detailing on his figures and toes. Nails also show dirt.

Wicket is my favorite ewok and I just love this little guy!


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