A New Hope – Tatooine Displays (In Progress)

Here are my “in progress” Tatooine shelves.

First up is my 3 3/4″ figure shelf that consists of my “sale of the droids” 3 figure pack, Aunt Beru w/ her household droid and blue milk, and my new “Disturbance at Lars Homestead” playset.

I decided to keep the Homestead playset partially packed because it looked like it might be difficult to get the figures to stand up properly on the sand part of the display w/o stands. Plus, I liked the background that they gave.

Next shelf is my assorted Mos Eisley & Tatooine shelves – they consist of a lot of 12″ Hasbro figures, my vintage 12″ Obi-Wan Kenobi & Jawas, and Gentle Giant mini-busts of Greedo, Sandtrooper, and Jawas.


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