The Shrine’s STAR WARS Collectibles Newsletter June 2011 – V1

Once upon a time I used to assemble these over to the collectibles board on and have decided that I’ll bring them to my blog.



Jedi Force:

According to Rebelscum Hasbro is discontinuing the Galactic Heroes line (booo!) and they are replacing it with a “Jedi Force” line. Hasbro had made this line a few years back, the figures were taller, had huge feet and very blocky heads and bodies. Frankly, they were a little scary looking and I was happy to see that they didn’t last long. They’ve revamped the line to make their Galactic Heroes a little taller and more articulated. The new figures have bigger feet. For those who loved the Galactic Heroes because they were cute, fear not, the new line is just as cute – they now look like the GH’s bigger brothers. Click on the RS link above for photos from the Toyfair.

Adult Collectibles


Yoda’s Hut – Dagobah – 12 inch Figure Environment – is now in stock & shipping!

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Yoda’s Hut – Dagobah 12-inch Figure Environment, the latest addition to Sideshow’s award-winning Star Wars Collectible line. Depicting the Jedi Mentor’s simple home in the hidden jungles of Dagobah, each piece is individually painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. The Yoda’s Hut – Dagobah 12-inch Figure Environment is an outstanding addition to any Star Wars collection, the perfect compliment to your Jedi Master scene.

Expect shipping on this puppy to put you out a few dollars considering that it’s a whopping 44lbs. Yoda and other figures not included. Price take $274.99.

Coming Soon:

1/4 Scale Han in Carbonite Premium Format Figure – I guess that there’s been some fan debate on whether or not you can consider Han encased in carbonite to be an actual “figure” or not. Frankly, considering that Sideshow’s Premium Format line consists of “figures” who are not articulated in any way other than they wear clothing, I don’t know what the debate is about. Maybe he should’ve been just an accessory but considering the workmanship that went into getting the piece sculpted, I can see why SS decided to release it just as a figure.

Gentle Giant

This week Gentle Giant posted new images of their up-coming releases for the end of the year.



Regular Price: $65.00
Scale: 1:6
Height: Stands 6.5 inches tall
Release Date: January 2012
Edition Size: TBD

I have to tell you that I’m very excited about this bust. The Phantom Menace characters don’t get a lot of respect in the world of SW merchandising. Even most of the Hasbro figures rarely get resculpts/re-releases other than maybe Qui-Gon and Darth Maul and (thankfully) the occasional Queen Amidala. Seeing Watto makes me VERY happy. The prototype images are just beautiful w/ our favorite Toydarian checking out his chance cube.

Availability: Pre-Order HERE.


Regular Price: $70.00
Scale: 1:6
Height: Stands 6.5 inches tall
Release Date: January 2012
Edition Size: TBD

The only thing that makes me happier than seeing Watto, is seeing more ewoks! I’m waiting on Wicket (need to get that pre-order in,) but was sooo excited to see that they’re adding the ewok’s medicine man/spiritual leader to the mix. The prototype images are just stunning for this piece. The fur in beautifully sculpted and look at the detailing on his staff and bag! He’ll be a must-have!

Availability: Pre-Order here!


Savage Oppress Maquette

Regular Price: $95.00
Scale: 1:6
Height: Stands 10 inches tall
Release Date: January 2012
Edition Size: TBD

I admit, I have no idea who this guy is other than I assume that he’s from the Clone Wars cartoons. He’s rather fierce looking and a nice statue. I do like that GG’s maquettes don’t cost an arm and leg.

Availability: Pre-Order

Darth Vader ESB Statue

Regular Price: $250.00
Scale: 1:6
Height: Stands 12 inches tall
Release Date: January 2012
Edition Size: TBD

This statue is AWESOME! If I collected high-end statues I’d be drooling for this one. It looks like they’ve made the base such that the steps light up. Too rich for my blood, but boy is he nice!

Availability: Pre-Order

C-3PO – 12″ Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figure

Regular Price: $75.00
Height: Stands 12 inches tall
Release Date: January 2012
Edition Size: TBD

Availability: Pre-Order

R2-D2 – 7.5″ Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figure

Regular Price: $80.00
Height: Stands 7.5 inches tall
Release Date: January 2012
Edition Size: TBD

Availability: Pre-Order

I’ll admit to you, I’m not fully sold on these. I saw a few in person the other day and just really felt nothing about them. To me the new Hasbro “vintage” line gets the same reaction out of me. I know that as an original fan/collector I’m supposed to get all warm and fuzzy seeing stuff in the original packaging and all nostalgic – but truth is, I don’t feel that way. I don’t overly see the point to these, although I do think that the R2 is cute. I might be tempted if they ever do a Yoda. I guess the fact that I’m a de-boxer takes a lot of the “fun” out of collecting these for me because in no way should these ever be taken out of their retro repro jumbo packaging.  Anywhoo – just my thoughts, for those who love them – the droids are nice additions to the line.

Actor Related Merchandise

Billy Dee Williams

Billy Dee has an authorized website that you can visit where he lists the locations of dealers who sell/show his artwork.

On his site you can also order authorized autographs for $40 each and/or lithographs of his awesome abstract Lando Calrissian painting.

I got one of these lithographs a while ago and have to say that it’s a beautiful print – vibrant and fascinating to look at. It’s also nice having something that showcases one of the series actors and his love for his character.

Visit his site at

Comic Con 2011 Exclusives

Hasbro Indiana Jones Figures

Rebelscum has posted some awesome photos of 2 different 3-packs of Indiana Jones exclusive figures that will be offered at this year’s Comic Con.

Check out one batch HERE and second HERE.

Hallmark Unveils Plans for Comic-Con 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (June 6, 2011) — Hallmark announces its return to Comic-Con International in San Diego (July 20-24), providing 125,000 attendees access to Comic-Con-exclusive Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, a sneak peek of product for 2012 and visits with creators of popular Hallmark characters.

During the convention, Hallmark will sell limited quantities of the following Keepsake Ornaments:

IG-88 and Dengar: This two-pack features the assassin droid IG-88 and Corellian mercenary Dengar from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™. IG-88 and Dengar are the third and fourth bounty hunters to become Keepsake Ornaments. Limited run of 1,000 sets.
Comic Book Guy: Wearing his own Comic-Con apparel, the Comic Book Guy from “The Simpsons” celebrates his 20th year as a popular cartoon character. This is the second year that “The Simpsons” has inspired an exclusive Keepsake Ornament for Comic-Con. Limited run of 1,000 Keepsake Ornaments.
Descending Upon Gotham: Batman swoops down from the dark heights of Gotham in this Keepsake Ornament. A repainted version of a 2009 Keepsake Ornament, the Caped Crusader wears a contemporary gray and black bat suit rather than the blue and gray one popularized in the 1960s. Limited run of 750 Keepsake Ornaments.

“We are excited to participate in Comic-Con for the fourth year,” said Beth Dorr, associate merchandise manager for Keepsake Ornaments. “The convention gives us a great opportunity to meet and interact with some of our most passionate fans and reward them with exclusive opportunities and sneak peeks.”

Visitors to Hallmark’s booth in the Lucasfilm Pavilion will be able to view many of the new 2011 Keepsake Ornaments as well as get a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2012. They also can pick up a series of collectible buttons featuring Star Wars Keepsake Ornaments. The series will feature five designs, with a limited quantity of one design given away each day of Comic-Con.

Throughout the convention, popular Hallmark characters hoops&yoyo™ will make visits to the Hallmark booth. Comic-Con attendees also will have the opportunity to engage with the creators of Hallmark characters, including Bob Holt and Mike Adair (hoops&yoyo), Peter Martin (Asteroid Andy) and John Wagner (Maxine).

John Wagner’s feisty character Maxine, the self-appointed “Queen of Crabiness,” celebrates her 25th anniversary in 2011. Since 1986, she has appeared on millions of cards and thousands of books, as well as Keepsake Ornaments. On Thursday, July 21, and Friday, July 22, John Wagner will be on site to share the inspiration behind Maxine, discuss how he’s kept her character fresh for 25 years and answer questions. Hoops&yoyo creators Bob Holt and Mike Adair will sign autographs on Thursday, July 21, Friday, July 22, and Saturday, July 23. Asteroid Andy’s creator Peter Martin will visit the booth on Saturday, July 23, and Sunday, July 24.

In addition to on-site Comic-Con activity, Hallmark will administer various product giveaways of some current Keepsake Ornaments as well as exclusive and signed products via Twitter (@HallmarkPR, #ComicCon, #SDCC) before and during the conference.

For more information about Hallmark and the full line of 2011 Keepsake Ornaments, visit Click HERE to view photos.

Sideshow Clone Commander 1/6 Scale Figure

The Clone Commander 12 inch Figure features:

Articulated Armored Body with over 30 points of articulation
Detailed Fabric Bodysuit
Highly detailed full body armor set
Phase I clone helmet portrait
One (1) pair flat palm hands
One (1) pair thumbs up hands
One (1) pair closed fists
One (1) pair trigger grip hands
One (1) pair C-grip hands
One (1) right hand with one finger point
One (1) left hand with two finger point
One (1) left hand with two finger spead
One (1) pair standing boot
One (1) pair action boot
BlasTech DC-15A Long Range Blaster Rifle
BlasTech DC-15S Blaster Carbine
Lower support extendable figure stand with Star Wars logo

If you’re going to the Con- Pre-order online to pick up in San Diego.

Finally –

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That’s it for this edition. If you find news that you’d like to contribute to our next volume – feel free to email me!


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