Goodwill Stop – Toy Bargains of the Day

So one of my favorite activities is going out and hitting thrift shops looking for toys to add to my collection.

I went into my local Goodwill and came out w/ a nice bag full of goodies for $6.

I got in box a “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” Flying Dutchman Pirate Deck Duel Playset. Usually I figure even if the boxes are taped up (like this one was) that it would be missing some pieces – I was thrilled to discover when I got home that even through the instructions were missing – it was all there! I checked on ebay – cheapest set is $14 -so I scored saving $9 (plus shipping.)

Also picked up a Burger King Star Trek Bones (“I’m a DOCTOR not a physicist”) toy, one Indiana Jones figure from 2000 which I’m guessing was a Disneyland figure, and 4 vintage Star Wars figures (no accessories) – Endor Rebel Scout (like new,) Imperial Commander (one tiny paint rub on hat brim, otherwise perfect,) Han Solo Endor Trenchcoat (no coat, looks mint otherwise,) and Hoth Leia – I think she’s nicer than my original vintage figure. I got all 6 of these guys for 99 cents.


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