Imperials Display Shelf

Here is my current Imperials/Darth Vader shelf that’s tucked away inside one of my IKEA Detolfs.

Front Row:

  • Grand Moff Tarkin Mini-Bust
  • Darth Vader M&M Ornament
  • Gentle Giant ROTS Darth Vader Mini-Bust
  • MOC Return of the Jedi Vintage Darth Vader Figure

Middle Row:

  • Burger King A New Hope Darth Vader/Imperials Glass
  • Gentle Giant San Diego Comic Con Darth Vader Breast Cancer Awareness Helmet

Back Row:

  • 12″ Scale Vintage Kenner Darth Vader Figure (he just fits at 14″ or so)
  • 12″ Vintage Kenner Stormtrooper Figure
  • 12″ Hasbro Grand Moff Tarkin Figure
  • 12″ Hasbro Tie Fighter Pilot Figure

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Hello, I've always loved everything relating to photography. I got my first real 35MM camera when I was in Jr High and have never looked back. I love all things relating to photography - photography and playing with Photoshop!
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