Gamorrean Guard 1:6 Scale Sideshow 12″ Figure – Review

Gamorrean Guard 1:6 Scale Figure from Sideshow. Production year 2011, edition size 3500.

Ratings: (Scale 0-5)

  • Displayability: 5
  • Articulation: 5
  • Assembly Ease: 4
  • Character Likeness: 5
  • Overall Quality: 5

It’s not very often that you can hear someone say this about a big green pig guard – but this Gamorrean is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve always had an extreme fondness for the Gamorreans, don’t ask me why.

This figure had to have brand new hands/arms/legs/body molded for it. The body is perfect – it’s heavy and he stands perfectly on his own w/o needing a stand. When he’s standing he really gives the appearance of being one heavily weighted critter.

Sideshow did a brilliant job w/ the costuming, painting, and the costume is amazing. The “metal-work” on his costume is beautifully detailed, the fur on his skirt isn’t too long or too short. And the shirt has nice ragged, zig-zag stitching that gives it a very lived in appearance. His weapons both have a nice layering of patina on them.

My only real complaint is that his eyes are TINY. I think that they could’ve been a smidgeon larger. Also it took quite a bit of struggling work to get his hand swapped out. Overall – amazing figure, he’s probably one of the best SS figures to date.


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