The Empire Strikes Back Good Guys Shelf – In Progress

The Empire Strikes Back “Good guys” Shelf: This display will get updated once I unearth more stuff – but for now, here’s what I’ve got.

Back Row:

  • Vintage 12″ Han Solo wearing a Hasbro Bespin outfit. Hasbro really had a problem w/ trying to get Harrison Ford’s face correct when they were producing the 12″ line. I think that they finally got it down for the Indy figures that came out a few years ago, but they never had any luck w/ the Hans. So I used my favorite Han Solo and put him in the very nice Bespin outfit.
  • Next to him is a Hasbro Hoth 12″ Princess Leia figure from Hasbro. Again not one of their better pieces. I think that they used a GI Jane body – it’s big and butchy. They didn’t bring her sideburn area down far enough for the holes so her hairline looks weird. Face doesn’t much resemble her either.
  • 12″ C-3PO is vintage Kenner.
  • 12″ Scale Han in Carbonite is from Hasbro – I’ve always liked this piece – nicely detailed and unlike a lot of the professional expensive replicas – this is light and frankly plenty detailed for display purposes.
  • 12″ Bespin Lando Calrissian. I’ve always loved this figure, the skintone is warm and although the face doesn’t really look a lot like Billy Dee – it’s a very handsome facemold. Clothing is nice as well – they gave him nice shimmery fabric for under his cape. I’ve always coveted that never produced Kenner prototype so when this figure came out I became quite attached to it as a nice substitute.

From Left to Right – front row:

  • On far left wall – photo of Leia being held by an Imperial guard – guard is Jeremy Bullock who’s best known for being Boba Fett. He did that cameo part w/o a helmet in the film. Photo is signed to me by Bullock.
  • Hoth Princess Leia Mug by Applause – I love this mug, probably because I got it way back when at a Pic ‘N Save for like $2.00 when they got a ton of ROTJ stuff that was being clearanced out. Nice detailing and I like the very soft colors on it.
  • Hasbro 3 3/4″ Leia figures – Mynock hunt, Bespin Gown and Cloud City Rescue of Han outfit.
  • Princess Leia Mynock Hunt Gentle Giant Mini-bust – read my review HERE.
  • Galactic Heroes – Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, and Bespin Luke.
  • Hasbro – Luke in bacta tank (will unearth my FX-7 & 21-B to go with him.)
  • Burger King – Empire Strikes Back Glass.

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