New Shrine Photos – In Progress Queen Amidala – Padme/Anakin Shelves

So things are starting to come together in my office/shrine. I went into the garage last night and dug out 6-7 boxes of stuff that I culled through – found a couple of bags worth of stuff to sell off and then stuff to display! A few of my IKEA detolf shelves are starting to fill up nicely –

Queen Amidalas/ Anakin & Padme

I’m waiting to unearth my 12″ figures – they’ll help to fill these cases out. Plus I’ve got more Anakin/Padme 3 3/4″ figures as well that are hiding. But these 2 shelves are underway.

Queen Amidala Shelf: I’ve got my

  • Hasbro Queen Amidala Royal Elegance playline doll
  • 2 Japanese Pepsi bottle caps
  • Queen Amidala Vinyl Applause mug
  • Queen Amidala Throne room Hallmark ornament
  • Purple travel gown, Theed throne room, and celebration Padme 3 3/4″ Hasbro figures
  • Queen Amidala Miniture Statue by Applause – Review HERE.
  • Padawan Anakin 3 3/4″ figure
  • M&M Queen Midala figure
  • Queen Amidala Burger King toy
  • Queen Amidala – Shampoo bust bottle cap.

Anakin-Padme Shelf:

  • Japanese Pepsi Bottle caps – AOTC Padme Reunion,  Anakin/Padme ROTS
  • Anakin puzzle
  • Anakin/Padme ROTS Burger King toys
  • Captain Typho & Amidala AOTC 3 3/4″ Figures
  • Anakin w/Cup set
  • A/P Attack of the Clones Geonosis arena Galactic Heroes
  • Anakin Travel 3 3/4″ figure
  • Geonosis Factory Chase figures Anakin/Padme – production & prototype 3 3/4″ figures
  • Gentle Giant AOTC Anakin& Padme classic mini-busts. Read my Anakin Bust review HERE.

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