Jabba’s Palace Display

This shelf likely will get moved around a lot – I’m trying to pick up all of the Sideshow 12″ figures that they’ve produced from this scene – so 12″ figures might get moved for that display. Until then – here’s what I’ve got.

Back Row:

  • Hasbro 12″ Luke Skywalker Rancor Attack – I unearthed his bone in my last packing. This is actually a pretty good looking Luke, even if he is on a butch body.
  • Hasbro Furry 12″ Chewbacca prisoner figure – *Snort* I LOVE this figure. He’s so utterly and completely goofy looking that it’s impossible not to love him.
  • Hasbro Skiff Guard Disguide Lando Calrissian 12″ Figure – Another awesome Lando figure. They really nailed his costume w/ nice detailing on the armor and helmet and again his face mold is very attractive.
  • Hasbro Light up 12″ Han in Carbonite/ Boushh Leia – this came w/ the Hasbro Leia who’s on this shelf. This giftset was a surprise because Leia was presented in box w/ her helmet on, when you took it off they gave her the really pretty Portrait series face. The smile might be inappropriate for the situation, but at least Leia is attractive and isn’t on a butchy body.
  • Hasbro 12″ Han Solo – this is the Han who came w/ the carbonite piece that’s on my ESB shelf. Facemold on this figure is wayyyy ugly. No forehead, his facial features are all smashed – bleck.
  • Sideshow 12″ Leia in Boushh Disguise. I haven’t reviewed this piece yet because when I took her out of her package her helmet flew out and shattered onto my tile floor. I need to repair (or replace) it. Sideshow has a win some/lose some thing w/ their packaging. They don’t use tape, or twist ties, or rubber bands to keep their figures in place, but by not doing so, it’s REALLY easy for things to get broken when you’re trying to take them out of package.

Front Row – Left to Right

  • All over in the front I have various Galactic Heroes – Skiff Guard, Lando in skiff Guard disguise, Gamorrean Guard, Han in Carbonite, Leia as Boushh.
  • Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard Applause mug circa 1983 – this was the companion mug that I got at the same time that I picked up the Hoth Leia mug. I’ve always loved it.
  • Applause Beer Stein – Jabba Throne room Scene. I love these steins. They’ve got all sorts of great raised detailing outside the mug and lovely photos in the middle.
  • Skiff Guard Disguise Lando Calrissian Gentle Giant Mini-Bust.
  • Salacious Crumb Gentle Giant Mini-Bust
  • Gamorrean Guard Gentle Giant Mini-Bust
  • Burger King ROTJ Jabba’s Palace glass.
  • Burger King toys – Jabba & Han in Carbonite.
  • Burger King – Princess Leia digital watch w/ tin.
  • Boushh Disguise Princess Leia Mini-bust.
  • Hasbro 3 3/4″ Boushh Leia.
  • Japanese bottle cap – Jabba the Hutt & prisoner Leia

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