Padme Naberrie Episode 1 Beanie Buddy from Hasbro – Review

Padme Naberrie Episode 1 Beanie Buddy from Hasbro 1998 – from end to end she stands at 7″ tall. Sitting she’s 5″ tall.

Ratings: (Scale 0-5)

  • Displayability: 3
  • Articulation: 3
  • Assembly Ease: N/A
  • Character Likeness: 3
  • Overall Quality: 3

I try to buy more adult oriented things for my collection, but sometimes I see things that I just can’t help but pick up because they’re cute! I also tend to want to get anything that’s character related for Padme that’s interesting looking. So I found this cutie recently on ebay and picked her up cheap.

The beanie is adorable and for what she is she’s got some nice detailing on her – stitches for fingers, a braid over her hair and stitches in her belt. Her arms and legs move and you can move her head around a bit.

She’ll be adorable displayed w/ my beautiful braids Padme 12″ doll.


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