Luke Skywalker Hoth Mini-Bust by Gentle Giant – Review

Luke Skywalker (Hoth) Mini-Bust, Gentle Giant. Release date 2009. #251/2400

Ratings: (Scale 0-5)

  • Displayability: 5
  • Articulation: N/A
  • Assembly Ease: 5
  • Character Likeness: 5
  • Overall Quality: 5

FedEx delivered a new goodie today! I received my Luke Skywalker Hoth Gear Mini-bust. Bust is about 6″ tall and includes a blue lightsaber that you need to connect to the hilt.

Bust itself is typical of Gentle Giant, it’s gloriously beautiful in it’s detail. Luke’s coat and vest have lots of detail including the appearance of puffed down fabric. His belt is nice and smooth and gives the appearance of leather. They have even detailed out a blaster tucked inside his holster. Coat is covered with Luke’s military badges and patches. Detail goes all around the entire bust – backside is as fully detailed as the front.

Facial features resemble Mark Hamill nicely. The bust is pre-Wompa attack, so he hasn’t been all scarred yet. There is a bit of paint drippage around the face where it goes into his head scarf/hat.

One big difference of note – the lightsaber is acrylic, as is the green faceplate on his goggles. This is in stark contrast to my ROTS Darth Vader bust where the lightsaber is glass. Result, the lightsaber doesn’t have that glassy shine to it that exists in my Vader bust. For the long run the acrylic likely can become cloudy. On the plus side, you don’t have to sweat bullets every time you try to move the bust with worrying that you’re going to drop the lightsaber and have it shatter into a million pieces.

Overall the bust made me happy and I have few complaints about it.


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